Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's your latest obsession?

Hank Moody: "Just the fact that people seem to be getting dumber and dumber. You know, I mean we have all this amazing technology and yet computers have turned into basically four figure wank machines. The internet was supposed to set us free, democratize us, but all it's really given us is Howard Dean's aborted candidacy and 24 hour a day access to kiddie porn. People... they don't write anymore, they blog. Instead of talking, they text, no punctuation, no grammar: LOL this and LMFAO that. You know, it just seems to me it's just a bunch of stupid people pseudo-communicating with a bunch of other stupid people at a proto-language that resembles more what cavemen used to speak than the King's English."

Radio show host: "Yet you're part of the problem."

Hank Moody: "Hence my self-loathing."

So, this blog has been dead for quite some time, mostly because I've taken the aforementioned little bit from Californication to heart, and I've actually been pressing pen to paper instead of worrying about keeping up this thing. It seemed superfluous and self-serving. But, after some deliberation, I figured there are some things I'd like to back-up and preserve, because who knows what could happen to my trusty moleskine. So, fuck it. As a good friend once said (which, I'm fairly certain she stole borrowed from Stefan Sagmeister: "Do it without thinking of critics."

So, the show will, nay, must go on. For memories sake, for writing's sake, and, goddammit, for my sake. I like this blog, premature as it may be, and I like getting my thoughts out there, for the few (if any) people that do read it. Thus far it's just a collection of random, largely unimportant thoughts or occurrences, but maybe they will be important one day. Maybe everything will start to make sense, and all these seemingly obscure and random entries will synthesize into a grand tale, and then again, maybe not. But for now, I keep going. I keep digging through this ugly little thing called life in search of sensation and meaning.

Much more to come,

Bohemian Dandy

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