Sunday, August 30, 2009

On loneliness

The world is lonely, really fucking lonely. We are all just looking for some form of connection. We are like desperate little creatures extending long and numerous feelers in an attempt to just touch someone and be touched, to find some form of kindness or friendship or compassion. We put ourselves out there and get rejected and become self-conscious. Our self-esteem gets low, and we convince ourselves we're not good enough for one another; not pretty enough, not cool enough, not skinny enough, not fit enough, not interesting enough, not smart enough, not charming enough, not successful enough, not funny nor witty nor stylish enough. Eventually, we get so tired of trying to glean even a modicum of interest or love out of others, we become bitter. We are all just looking for love, and I think if everyone recognized that in each other, we would cease to get in each other's way, in our own way, and find that true connection we long for on a second to second basis. We're all just looking for love, and we're the only ones stopping ourselves from finding it.

Bohemian Dandy

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