Sunday, August 30, 2009

On Love

I sit on the seventh story balcony, working out some outlines of several writing projects I hope to embark on, when I am suddenly distracted by a girl in the building across from me. She is changing out of her clothes into her sleepwear. She shut the blinds but from my angle, I can still see through. The female figure is a beautiful thing. A lot of people find nudity vulgar or somehow obscene. I've never shared this sentiment. I find it fascinating that you can get sensually aroused by the mere image of it. She turns off the light and forces my focus back to my writing. A few minutes pass and my eyes gaze downward to a couple by the bike racks, intertwined with each other, lip-locked and immersed in passion. The girl is straddling the guy and they are really going at it. They are weary of passersby, but from my aerial perch, I have an undetected bird's eye view of it all. The very cute girl behind her laptop on the balcony with me snidely mutters, "get a room." This is the typical response to such a public display of affection. It is so apparent on the passersby that do witness the couple, they may as well have though bubbles floating above their heads. This is a sentiment that I used to empathize with, and have often been conflicted about, but sitting here, watching these two go at each other with fiery passion, I can't help but feel happy for them. This is one of the happiest moments of this guy's life, and the girl seems hypnotized with lust. Now, I don't know if this is a one-night stand, the beginning of an epic romance, or if they have been in love for years. All I know is that they are overwhelmingly wrapped in bliss, and despite the slight tinge of jealousy for it not being me, (the same envy that I think drives people to so vehemently reject the sight) I can feel nothing but joy for these two lovers, because in this life, day to day, there are so few moments that take your breath away, so few experiences that blast you out of the mundane, how can you feel anything but happiness when you see it happening right in front of you?

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